Indiemark Lens Encoder

Pro features, indie price

The Indiemark lens encoder translates lens barrel rotation into data that virtual production engines can use. Using the institutional knowledge gained from the Glassmark I, we built the perfect entry level virtual production tool!

Built For Production

The Indiemark is 15% thinner than the Glassmark I, and features all-new robust gear mounting and rod clamping systems. A built in 1/4-20 thread makes it easy to place anywhere!

Never Miss A Step

Quadrature decoding and communication is done with on-chip hardware rather than firmware, offering incredible performance and power savings.

Unconventionally conventional

The Indiemark communicates through a standard USB Type-C cable, offering updates at up to 500Hz. Want to integrate it into a custom system? No problem, we have developer docs available.


1x USB Type-C cable for power and communication (not included.)


2000 counts per revoultion, sub-frame latency at 60FPS

In The Box

Includes 1x encoder, 1x 0.8 mod gear, 1x19mm rod clamp, and 1x 19-15mm reducer bushing.

Two Packages Available

Buy either a single encoder, or a 3-encoder kit with a free case.

What Gear Do You Want?

Cine lenses use a 0.8mod gear, but we also offer 0.6 and 0.5mod gears for ENG lenses.

Order now for $449!